Evernote alternatives

Why do other people look for Evernote alternative?

30% of them think that Evernote loads too slow.

26% use just few of its features.

13% feel that it's too expensive.

Some of them need better support for specific tasks they use Evernote for: storing code snippets, embed images, use notes offline, hide some of the notes, draw sketches, etc.

How do we know? This is what people answer on the survey.

What is best alternative to Evernote?

Most popular are Apple Notes, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Notion. Other popular options are: Bear, Zoho, Any.do, Standard Notes, and Colornote.

I use Apple Notes occasionally, while don't like others yet, because of my fears: Google Keep is a side project for Google, they can drop it at any time, like they did with Google+, Google Reader and many others.

Microsoft OneNote seems to be too rich with features. Also, it looks good on a large Microsoft Surface, but seems to have overloaded user interface on a tiny iPhone SE.

What is essential for notes app?

  1. Work faster than users expect.
  2. Support different devices.
  3. Store notes on the device (92%) and also in the cloud (77%).
  4. Support formatting (looks like Markdown is the best for now).
  5. Keep large file attached to notes (22%).

How do we know? This is what people answer on the survey.